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Under the umbrella of „Moderated Chat“, we offer you a variety of modular tools and possibilities to ensure a seamless exchange of information.

Our service portfolio supports both live video or audio broadcasts, with either all participants taking part online or with an additional audience on site.

In addition, the Moderated Chat platform can also be used to conduct web chats, online votings or online employee surveys.

Depending on the communication goal and target group, we offer you a customised solution for your needs.

Video and Audio Webcast

Video webcast streaming with an integrated live presentation provides a professional and authentic format for communication with employees via any device. Afterwards it is possible to receive direct feedback on the presentation in verbal or written form.

Event broadcasting

Virtual video town hall meeting broadcasts include live presentations for participants who participate on-site or online. The interaction of remote attendees with experts in a virtual Q&A session is made possible via the Moderated Chat platform.


Structured and controlled dialogue on previously defined topics between employees and business leaders or top management members over any geographical distance.
Direct transmission of your personal written message with subsequently professionally managed Q&A sessions in the live webchat.

Possible applications:
quarterly communication, restructuring communications, strategic innovations or merger & acquisition communication

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Possible applications:
meetings, congress, press conferences, product launches, town hall Meeting, fairs and exhibitions

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Possible applications:
transmission of information to employees, updates on department or enterprise level

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User-friendly solution for an uncomplicated setup and creation of an online survey. Let your employees vote online on corporate decisions and receive valuable results in real-time. If required, our communication experts will take over the organisation and execution of your online-voting.

Topic Management

All participants can submit contributions and ideas. After a review of the moderation, the contributions will be published and can be reviewed and liked by all other participants. Thus, employees can be involved constructively in the company development and the organisational participation can be increased.

Online Employee Survey

Measure employee participation and satisfaction with anonymous online surveys and identify what stirs employees. Use synergies, gain valuable insights and increase engagement within the organisation through the Moderated Chat online employee surveys.

Possible applications:
polls at meetings, conferences, trend analysis, town hall meeting, evaluation of lectures or seminars and fairs and exhibitions

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Possible applications:
Evaluation of pre-defined topics, idea evaluation in the innovation process and discussion of product ideas or suggestions

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Possible applications:
company-wide surveys, online employee surveys on defined topics and following conferences and meetings

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