Topic Management

Give your Employees a Voice.

Let your participants decide which questions or contributions they prefer and to which topics they would like to have answers.

Participants can easily submit their suggestions, questions or contributions. Following this, all contributions can be liked and marked.

Innovative Topic Management


Participants can submit their topics, ideas or contributions, upon request also anonymously.
Those will be published after review by the moderator.
Participants are able to view all contributions or ideas and comment or evaluate them via the like function.

By using Topic Management, you can immediately spot open issues or sites in your company. Therefore, involving your employees actively and prioritising topics from their point of view.

Bearing in Mind all Contributions.


Before contributions or ideas will be visible to all participants, they will be previewed and evaluated by the moderator.

This ensures that the content is correct prior to publishing.

If desired, this function also can be deactivated.

Prioritisation of Importance and Urgency.


Give your participants a direct voice and prioritise from an employee point of view.

Benefit from a creative and effective communication, empower your employees and involve them actively.

Your Advantages at a glance:
Active involvement of your employees
Easy handling
Fast prioritisation
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