Video & Audio Webcast

Engage in an Online Dialogue with your Target Group.

The Webcast of the Moderated Chat is a professional and high quality live-streaming solution for up to 50,000 participants.

By using the Video- or Audio Webcast, employees can easily take part online in virtual events, key note speeches or meetings, irrespective of their location. Furthermore, participants also have the opportunity to submit questions from any device.

Direct and Immediate Exchange.


During the live presentation, the picture of the speaker will be broadcasted in the Webcast with a video-stream. The size of the video varies dependent upon your needs. The relevant slides are shown in the same screen as the video.

While the speaker can focus on an authentic and compelling presentation of the content, the moderators take care of showing the right slides and sorting all questions.

In addition, it is possible to use a feedback form after the Q&A sessions to query opinions and impressions form the participants.

Live Q&A – your Effective and User-Friendly Dialogue with your Employees.


Organised display of the live presentation and the Q&A through the moderation interface.
Ensuring an effective online dialogue between the executives and employees during the live event.

Give attendees the opportunity to provide direct feedback on the presentation or lecture and enable an open and authentic discussion either verbally in the live-stream of the Webcast or in a written form via the Moderated Chat Q&A function.
The Video or Audio Webcast works well for occasions like quarterly based communication, strategic realignment, staff reductions and restructuring or for product demonstration.

Live-streaming of your Event with Audience – Innovative and Easy to Use


The solution to broadcast your events such as a Town Hall Meeting or employee meeting to involve as many employees or participants as possible. The Moderated Chat allows users to follow the live event online and location independent, but also for the audience on-site.
Give your target group access to live-streaming events on site as well as from a distance. Enter an open-minded and lively dialogue with the management or experts.
Allow participants to submit and discuss questions on the Webcast interface in advance or during the event, from every device.

Your Advantages for the Video and Audio Webcast:
Direct Involvement of the Participants
Minimal effort with maximum impact
Demand and foster the dialogue in your organisation
Simple and Intuitive usability

Our Event-Live-Streaming Service


We broadcast your live-event at the highest technical level.

On request, we will offer you a complete package and provide the required event technology such as a camera and microphones.

In addition, our experts look after the event from a technical point of view and ensure a smooth and carefree execution of your event.

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