Answer Questions from your Employees in the live Webchat.

Employee communication made easy – get immediate feedback from your employees. Increase the productivity in your organisation through a targeted approach and an effective dialogue with our Webchat.

Involve your employees actively.


We enable a direct dialogue between the executive board and a scalable number of employees – transparent and effective.

The Moderated Chat or Webchat represents a specific initiative to actively involve your employees in developing and shaping innovative company visions or acquainting employees with certain processes.

Live Q&A – Transparent Dialogue.


Your employees are your biggest and most important asset and it is becoming more pertinent than ever to foster conversations rather than just communicate information from the top down.

All employees are able to ask the Executive Board questions, exchange ideas and to discuss objectives and challenges through the Business Webchat.

The Executive Board answer the questions in written form (if necessary with support from a writing aid). Topics can be submitted directly and during the web chat and discussed in real-time.

The Moderation – Everything under Control.


Due to the moderation, the Business Webchat stays clear and structured.

The moderation leads through the discussion, explains the procedure, group questions regarding their main topics, reject off-topic contributions and filters out duplicate questions.

The Moderated Chat allows you to reach employees in a simple and easy way and fosters a controlled corporate communication between the workforce and the Management Board.

Foster your digital exchange in your organisation through our Business Webchat.
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